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Trucker 'Cock Sucker'  

 I love Truckers and I love to suck cock! All cock! Trucker cock is the best. These guys have the best tasting, largest loads that ride in those huge hairy balls. I have cruised lots of Truckers, from pickle park, to truck stops, hell even drivers that pull off on exit ramps to catch a quick nap. Some days I get more cock than I can suck, others, nothing. I have read the GTC in the past and have cruised the net for cruising information, the best line I have ever heard was from you guys. “The fastest way into the cab of a truck, is with a CB radio.” So, I did a little research, very little and decided to pick one up. I bought a used one from a CB shop not far from a truck stop that I cruise quiet often. For 50 bucks, the guy hooked it up, ran my antenna wires, shit, in no time I was ready for the personal touch with my Trucker cruising. And on my way home from the CB shop, I passed by a rest area. I had the radio on, listening to drivers shoot the shit when I decided to give it a try. I had a couple of beers, although, I was not driving drunk, I just had some courage in me. As I have read, I cruised channel 19. As I approached the rest area I keyed the mic up. “Breaker one-nine, anyone have a copy on this radio?” I ask. Right away a voice came back to me. “Yes sir, go ahead, you sound clear!” ‘Great,’ I replied. ‘Just plugged it in, just wanted to make sure I was getting out there.’ He came back, ‘sounds good on this end driver, be careful out there.’ Funny, I’m not a driver, but I didn’t say anything else. I knew by his come back, I was ready for action. I waiting several minutes, I keyed the mic and let off several times. Funny. Someone did the same thing back to me. So, I said over the air, ‘blow job, 23, blow job channel 23.’ I turned the knob to channel 23 (hell I got 40 channels, 23 sounded good) damn if the guy on the other end ask, ‘you there?’ As soon as I got the knob turned. ‘Yeah, you looking for a blow job?’ I ask. ‘Yeah, need to get a load off bad! Been a few days.’ He said. Damn, my lips were dripping at the thought of a hot cock moving down my throat. He ask, ‘what’s your 20?’ 10-20 means ‘location’ on the CB. ‘I’m here in the rest area on the west bound side, you?’ I replied. ‘Just pulled in. Good Buddy, I’m already naked and hard, hope you are ready to suck some hot cock!’ He told me in a demanding voice. ‘Hell yeah I’m ready for some hard dick, where are you?’ I ask. ‘I’m in the maroon Freight Shaker down at the far end, where you get back on the freeway.’ He instructed. I got out of my car and worked my way down the line of trucks in the back. I saw a large Freightliner parked with trailer lights blinking, I knew that was him. I got in on the passenger side. The slender, tan driver was naked with a leather cock ring on. He looked half Caucasian half oriental. As a matter of fact, his mother was Korean, so he tells me. He has both nipples pierced, and a huge ring in the head of his dick. ‘JT is my name, you like to suck cock?’ He ask me. ‘Fuck yeah,’ was my reply. Without another word, we moved to the sleeper. He lay back with his hard 8 inch cock waving in the air. I got down on it and deep throated that massive cock. He moaned out loud. I sucked and sucked, I could feel the ring in his cock head drag the roof of my mouth. It really was a turn on. I wanted that cock to shoot down my willing throat. His balls were slapping my lower chin as I swallowed his pierced cock. That ring in the head would slid across my molars and make a clinging noise. What a fucking turn on! I could taste his jism precum. Damn, I had a hard on inside my shorts. The head of my cock was hanging out my shorts. I had to cum just as bad as my Trucker catch. This guy held the back of my head and face fucked me in a wild and wonderful way. His breathing was heavy when all of a sudden his cum shot all in my mouth without warning. It was great! This guy had a load from hell. As is spurted out the head of his cock, I swallowed every bit of juice I could get. None ran down my chin. It was fantastic! After he dumped his large heavy load in my mouth he sat back and lit a cigarette. As he smoked it he ask if I came there often. I told him he was the first Trucker I sucked off using my CB. He reached forward and turned up his. He too, clicked the mic and a voice came over the radio. ‘Where is that good buddy, I need a blow job?’ He looked at me, ‘there you go, another cock to suck, talk to him.’ I grabbed the mic, ‘where you at trucker? I’m ready to suck.’ Is what I said. He told me what truck he was in, I kissed JT, thanked him, and was off to the next truck. As I got out, walked down the isle, JT got back in the driver seat, naked, and took off. Wow, I thought. I’d love to ride down the road with that hot truckers and suck on that cock the whole way! 
    I made my way to a jet black Peterbilt. This guy was hairy all over. Huge thick cock. He had a denim shirt on, cowboy hat and nothing else. He had a lit cigar in his mouth. The truck was thick in smoke. As I crawled in the cab, he grabbed the back of my head and pulled me down to his hot man smelly crotch. His head was huge and round, his cock was thick and smelled like cigar. I could taste his manhood. I just about shot a load in my shorts at the thought of this hairy bear mother fucker trucker giving me his man load. His balls were sucked up under his cock, but damn if that beer can thick cock didn’t have a huge load for me. I sucked that cock for what it was worth, and at that time it was worth a lot! I could hear him moan like a wild cat as I took that huge cock down my throat. Mother fucker! This guy was hot, hairy and all mine for the moment. He lay back as I took control of his cock feeling. I could feel his man juice trying to pump up enough pressure to flood my throat. The deeper I went the bigger the head got. Just about the time I was getting into it, a hot, huge, thick stream of white jism shot to the back of my throat. I just about gagged. Fuck! This guy shot a huge load. He placed his hand behind my head and forced it all the way down his hard shaft. His cock head fit perfectly in my swallow. Again, a huge shot of thick man juice shot down my throat, I hardly had time to swallow it before it gagged me. Damn, how much more juice is in this hot trucker. He dumped a large, large load in my mouth and down my throat. I was fucking amazed. This trucker could pump the juice. Mother fucker! Damn! Shit! I got through sucking down his heavy load and made my way back to the car. I was fucking exhausted from sucking those two hot cocks. I lay back in the seat for a few minutes and I heard a plea on the CB. ‘Anyone wanna give a lonely trucker a blow job?’ Hell, he was calling my name. So I thought in my horny mind. ‘Sure driver, where are you with that heavy hot load?’ I ask. I made my way, for the third time, down the isle of trucks and got into a bright yellow, and yes, even in the dark, yellow is bright, freightliner. The cab smelled real nice, the driver was a short older black man with a 12 inch cock. ‘Wanna suck my root, white boy?’ He ask. ‘Sure do trucker! I want the juice from our balls.’ I told him. This nice gentle black guy spread his legs and let that huge pole stick straight up in the air. An umbrella type head and narrow shaft is what was on the menu. I got down between his black legs and sucked the color right out of it. I was, once again, in cock sucker heaven. I could not take that huge black cock all the way down my narrow throat, but I gave it a run for it’s money. I sucked, he moaned and pulled my head towards his crotch. I could feel that mushroom head swell up right before he launched that huge lot of cum out the head of that cock. Damn it taste good. Just as good a JT’s load, my first for the night. He fucked my face and shot him man load in me and I was done. I made my way back to my car and jacked off twice before going home. Guys, get a CB, you won’t believe the ‘truck doors’ you will open and the hot trucker cocks you will be sucking. Good Luck, Charles the Suck Boy.

I said. ‘Out front, in a pick up, can I meet you in your truck?’ He ask. I told him where I was parked, actually, I told him I was three trucks down further than I really was. He will have to walk by my truck so I can look him over, just in case it’s a set up or something. I had ask him what he was wearing, he told me he had a white t-shirt on and a red ball cap. As I sat in my truck with nothing on but my cut off shorts, a tall slender guy, white shirt, red cap walked on by. I tapped my horn and gave him a wave. He stopped and walked over to my truck. ‘Are you the guy I spoke to?’ He ask. ‘Yeah, get in on the other side.’ I told him. He walked around the front of the truck to the passenger side. I had my shorts off and my cock stiff. He got in and saw I was ready for him. Naked, hard, my cock bouncing, I got up and set on my bed in the bunk. He got down between my legs and started sucking my cock. He was around my age, mid to late 30’s, tall and skinny. Not bony, just slender build. He could suck a cock. I told him to get comfortable. He got up and in two pulls or so, was butt ass naked like me. I got up on the bed with my legs spread, he got back to sucking my cock. He was like a mad man, damn, he was sucking like no tomorrow. I pushed him back and took a look at his long thin cock. The head was large and round, the shaft was narrow and long. I flipped around and sucked him while he sucked me. I could taste the precum out of his cock slit. It was a steady flow, and sweet! I liked my finger and played with his hole while he sucked on my cock. It didn’t take long I was shooting my load down his throat. He gagged a little but took it all down. After he sucked the cum out of my shaft, he got up pushed me back and face fucked my mouth. His long narrow shaft was sliding in and out of my mouth and down my throat, deep! I too gagged on his cock head. His balls were slapping on my chin. As he fucked my mouth, he ask if he could dump his load in my mouth. I pulled his cock out just long enough to say ‘sure, go for it!’ He plunged deep back into my throat and again, I gagged! As his hips fucked my face I could feel him quiver as his started cumin. He moaned like a fucking mad man as his cock jerked and shot a huge load down my hungry throat. He kept fucking my mouth as he shot his steamy load out of his balls and into my mouth. Wow! My gut was full of cum again. He sat up, caught his breath and sat a while. I was still horny and thought I should get all I could. I ask him if he liked to rim ass. ‘Hell yeah, I love to eat a hot ass.’ He told me. Now, I shave my asshole, balls, so you could say I have a slick hole, ready for any hot, willing tongue. He lifted my legs and pushed them back where my ready for sucking hole was looking up at him. He got down on that hot hole and began to lick which quickly turned into a hard suck. My hard cock lay back on my stomach as I reached for it to jack on. Oh, that guy could eat ass! Shit! He sucked on it, licked it and got it so worked up that he could easily fuck it with his long, hard tongue. I jacked on my cock while he ate me. I was so fucking turned on, I wanted him to fuck me, yeah, I wanted this tall unknown mother fucker to stick his cock in my well eaten hole. ‘Hey, you think you could fuck my hole, and drop your load in me?’ I asked. Without a reply he set up, his hard, purple headed, think shaft cock was pointing upward. I reached over to my lube pump and got a couple of squirts and ran it up and down the narrow shaft and on his hard cock head. He pushed that huge mushroom head up against my asshole. It squeezed in, damn! That mother fucker popped in and my hole grabbed the shaft. His big thick cock head was rubbing the sides of my anal hole. I could feel it go up inside my cavity. He got up close between my legs and started fucking my ass. I let go of my cock and pulled my legs back, I really didn’t want the ‘fucking’ minute to stop. He started of slow and worked up to a good fast rhythm. His balls were flapping away on my back side, after a good long fuck session, he pulled out, the head made a ‘pop’ sound as he pulled out, he flipped me over. As a willing slut, I obliged, I stuck my ass up in the air and offered it to him again. He held my hips with his hands and drove that cock of his in again and started pumping fast. My balls hung low and my dick was hard and waving in the wind. The front of his huge full balls slapped the back side of mine. This was the best fuck I have had in a while, well, for today anyway. He leaned over my back and his heavy breath was blowing on my neck. He humped me like a fucking dog in heat. I could tell he was gonna dump his hot fucking load up my asshole. He got up and pounded even harder. He yelled out, ‘Damn, I’m gonna cum up your ass.’ About that time I could actually feel that hot cum pouring into my asshole cavity. He kept pounding my ass and shooting his cum. Fuck! I thought! I too was cumin, I shot my load beneath us on the bed. I sprayed like a fire hose. He leaned over my back once again to get the last few shoves in my ass. He pulled out, I collapsed on the bed and he on top of me. I could still feel his hard shaft up against my ass cheeks. Wow, what a fucking ride. He hung around for about another hour, we exchanged numbers, so when I make it back through there we could have another breeding session. Both of my holes,

with a younger trucker waiting as well. We made conversation on where were headed, where we were from, family and such. He talked about his wife and how he only got home once every three weeks. I mentioned how horny guys get on the road, he fell right into the conversation, he said, 'yeah I know, you have to get creative with jerking off.' We both laughed. I said, 'thank goodness for porn.' Again we laughed. Being the gay frisky trucker I am, I figured what the fuck, go for it, I laughed and said, 'sometimes it's fun to find a jerk off buddy to break up the boredom.' 'I agree' he snapped. we both laughed. Our shower numbers were called and we went to the showers. Less than an hour later I was done and headed back out to the truck. Damn near to my rig I hear someone holler 'how was that shower?' I turned around and not far behind me was the trucker I made conversation with. He caught up with me and we chatted while walking to our rigs. He was wearing a snug pair of sweat pants sporting a half hard-on. Being gay and bold I ask, 'looks like someone's gonna stroke one out, if you hadn't already.' We both giggled. 'Want to join me?' Without another word, we were both up in his rig, butt naked, watching porn stroking our rods. Funny thing, he had lube, poppers and a flesh light jack off toy. We took turns with the toy, and to my surprise he reached over and jerked on my cock. 'Nice cock you have there.' I really didn't want to cum so quick but after he stoked me for a few minutes I was spraying cum all over the place, "Fuck!" I said as I shot stream after stream. He followed suit with a huge thick load. I so wanted to to put my mouth on it and swallow it down. We sat for a while, nude, talking, and after a bit, he ask, 'wanna go another round?' Don't ask me twice! Turned out to be a ball draining afternoon, with a horny straight trucker. It happens.

'Cock Sucker Trucker'

'Las Vegas Hoe Down'

My favorite place to play! Mercy! As I past the Ripp Griffins truck stop I caught up with some guys going my direction. We can really haul ass when you run with a group. You keep up with the highway patrols and most of the trip you can run way over the fucking speed limit. I ran the tail end of the pack, just in case I run into some ‘fun time’ along the route, I can drop off and drop a load or two. We were chitchatting when I heard a faint voice over the radio (and a long winded one at that!) “Any one of you hard dick driver’s need a good blow job? Need that cum filled weenie washed?” He said. Oh, holy shit! He’s calling my name I thought! The other drivers really gave this guy hell. ‘Go to another channel faggot! This is a men’s channel!’ One Trucker boasted. ‘Go get fucked, faggot!’ The other one said. The cruiser came back on the radio, “That’s the whole idea trucker! I want you big rig men to fuck my hot willing ass. You fuck me, you’ll throw rocks at your wife.” The drivers went fucking crazy, they called this guy every name in the book. I wanted so bad to tell the guy to be at the east bound rest area and I’d let him suck me all night long. Besides, I was dew a break any way. Finally when the cruiser got a break for all the gay bashing, he said, ‘well drivers, if you want a good blow job to take home to your boy friends, just drop to channel 13,’ and he was gone. I got on the radio and changed the subject real quick, ‘fuck that good buddy, find us a smoky report.’ I called out. The drivers forgot about the cruiser and started looking for a break on the radio from a west bound trucker to keep up with the highway patrol. I quickly dropped to channel 13 and called out, in a different voice of course, ‘hey cock sucker? You there?’ He replied, ‘yeah, go ahead!’ Where you at, I need you to drain my cock.’ I’m in a pick up just behind you if you are in that convoy headed east.’ He came through loud and clear. I ask him, ‘go to channel 33, quick.’ I didn’t want the drives in front of me following my lead. I jump to channel 19 again to see what these guys were talking about, they were still talking to the west bound trucks. I made my way to channel 33, ‘you there?’ I ask. ‘Yeah, go ahead driver.’ He said. ‘Where do you want to pull off?’ I ask him. ‘Next exit, plenty of room for a rig. I can suck you off in your truck, in my pick up or out side, what ever you want.’ He offered me. I made my way down the highway and pulled off the next exit, I told the guys I was running with, ‘after’ they were past the exit, ‘hey guys, be right back I gotta shit like a goose.’ They replied, ‘OK driver, shit and get! We got some miles to run. 10-4?’ ‘10-4, be right back!’ I assured them.     
    I pulled off the road and set my breaks. The guy in the pick up pulled off and parked behind me. I got out and he met me half way between his pick and my rig. He grabbed my crotch and I grabbed his. ‘Wow! Feels like you have a nice hard cock yourself!’ I told him. ‘Oh yeah, it stays hard when I’m cruising you truckers.’ He told me. It was dark enough for us to get relaxed behind the rig. I pulled out my hard stiff cock and he dropped to his knees. He took my cock deep into his throat, damn that felt good, it was all I could do to keep from shooting too early. He licked my balls and sucked my cock, it was making me dizzy. He spit my cock out, stood and pulled his shorts off. His huge man sized cock stood straight up and the head was inviting. I got down and took his cock into my mouth and sucked on it like a mad trucker. I could smell his man smell in the thick hair atop his shaft. He pulled my head to his crotch. I slipped out of my jeans and was standing there with nothing on but my tennis shoes and t-shirt. My hard cock sticking out with my balls hanging low. I couldn’t touch myself without cuming. I spit his shaft out of my mouth, which was hard to do, and stood back up, he grabbed the base of my cock and slipped my cock deep in his mouth. I came instantly. I shot a real man sized load down his throat. He took every drop of my juice. He stood back up, I dropped and opened my cum bucket mouth, he let his load spew into my willing mouth. I had to swallow twice. It was fucking awesome! ‘You wanna fuck me driver?’ He ask. ‘Damn, you’re making my cock hard again, but I got to put some miles under my belt tonight so I won’t have to run tomorrow.’ I told him. We parted ways and a few hours later I had caught up with the drivers I was running with. Thank goodness they were held up at the state line at the Arizona scales. I pulled off in Kingman to fuel, eat, shower an shut it down for a break. After my shower I lay in back of the rig, chilling out when I heard a quick voice, again, ‘bj, 39, bj 39.’ Which meant, Blow Job channel 39 on the CB. I figured, what the fuck! I got up, butt naked, and changed the channel. He was there and to my surprise so were a couple of guys trying to pick pick the guy up. I too joined in. After about an hour of jawing back and fourth and gaining some trust, two drivers and myself picked up the good buddy and we all met in my rig. Four guys, naked, fucking and sucking my truck’s bunk! Lucky for me and them I had a large sleeper. I had to move some shit around and drop the top bunk, but trust me, no sleep happened for the next two hours. We tagged teamed each other and had one hell of a time. That damn truck rocked like a ride a Six Flags! My hot hole had been fucked by three other guys that night and I too, fucked the same three guys. We had all the sheets in my rig soaked with puddles of hot man juice. My stomach was full of jism as well. We had on hell of a hot time. Cum dripped out of my ass all the way to Oklahoma City that next day and a half! One driver had a ten inch cock and knew how to use it. We sucked each other’s cock and dropped out loads in our mouths. After an hour worth of man to man sex, we switched with the other driver and good buddy. It was fucking wild. When we got done, we were all exhausted. I had to make my way back to the truck stop and take another shower and they did the same. The CB, guys, are the best fucking way to get  a Trucker and or a Cruiser. Safest way too. Use your head, be careful and get fucked! Really, it’s really a great tool. Thanks guys, Roger, PPB.

mouth and ass, took in his sweet juice. At that time I was just 800 miles into my trip and have had two guys and two great fucks and several loads of man juice. I couldn’t wait to see what the next 1600 miles had in store for me. I gathered up my thoughts, which were hotter than hell and kept my well drained cock in the semi-hard mode. I got into Denver just to fuel and get some snacks, sodas and personal items and then back on the road. The pilot in Denver can be a cluster fuck at times, if you are a driver and have been there at certain times, you know what I’m talking about. I ran in a saw they had two or three showers open, so, I decided to go a head and clean up before hitting the road. The guy cleaning the restrooms and shower rooms was a clean cut younger guy. He ask if I needed any extra soap, towels, etc. I told him at this point the only thing I needed was someone to wash my back. I always say that, it’s habit. He laughed a little and said, ‘keep you door open driver, I might be able to help you out.’ I just about dropped my jaw! So, I figured, what the fuck. I got to thinking about it while I started the shower and shaved, and my cock stood right back at attention. I got in the shower and sure enough, he came through the door, locked it, and shucked his clothes. Fuck, this guy was a hairy bear cub type. He had an average cock and huge balls. He got in the shower and said, ‘OK, I’m here to give you that back wash.’ He grinned like a cat that ate the rat. I turned around and he began to wash my back, his hands made their way to my ass crack and he toyed with my ass for a few minutes. My cock was rock hard, I mean ROCK HARD! I spun around to show him my manhood and he dropped and sucked me like none other. Fuck! I thought, this trip is really going great! He was a deep throat expert. He stood up and I dropped and sucked on his short, fat cock. Huge head, huge balls. I stood back up and turned around, ‘put that cock in my hole,’ I instructed him. I bent over and he drove that fat cock right in my man pleaser. He held my sides as he worked my ass over. I knew when he came, I could feel his cock swelling even fatter. He held back a loud moan. At the same time my cock shot wad after wad onto the shower floor and washed towards the drain. This has been one fantastic ride. I had been fucked again. Oh, that’s a good thing! If it stays on this track, I’ll have four more hot fucks before I get out east. I hope you guys can use my story, it’s true, and I will let you know how the rest of the trip goes later. Enjoy, Pete w/Allied Van Lines.

I love to stroke on it going down the highway, I"m always wanting to crank one out, it's more fun with somebody, but that's far and in between at times. As a driver, it's easy to drive nude and stroke, no one can see you. Even as much as I like to show off, you have to be careful these days. You'll be surprised at the guys that are eager to jerk off together, not in a gay way, but as a bro connection. I'm down with that, not all truckers like to play, but given the right place at the right time, you might just be surprised at the frisky men that want to shoot a quick one. Small talk an lead into a 69 position in no time, and I get more action from straight married men than gay guys. Nothing like slobbering on a straight dudes cock, not only do that shoot quick, they shoot big big loads. Once waiting on a shower at the Loves Truck Stop in Oklahoma, I made small talk

Rest Room Jerk Off
    I was in a building on the Campus here at Iowa State University. Our class was just dismissed and I went use the rest room. When I left the rest room this cute, young, studly guy who is in my class was just entering the rest room. After about 2 minutes... I realized that I had left my keys in the stall in the rest room, so I went back into get them. When I entered the bathroom... the cute guy was in that stall where I had left my keys. I needed to see if I had left them in that stall, so I looked under the stall in such a way that he couldn’t see me looking but I could see everything in the stall. I was shocked and  surprised when I saw him “whacking off” while sitting on the toilet. He had his pants all the down to his shoes and his legs were spread pretty far apart exposing his hairy ass crack. He had hairy muscular legs too. I was intrigued by the situation , so I continued to watch him stroke his penis. His penis was really big too along with his balls. He was breathing real deep and his legs were shaking as he continued to whack off while sitting on the toilet. His legs spread farther apart and his breathing becoming deeper and he began stroking at lightening speed. I could tell he was close to shooting his cum. Just before he shot his cum his legs became tense, and as he shot his cum, he let out several grunts as he was enjoying the ecstasy associated with his orgasm. When he was done you could see the cum on his hands, dick and on the floor. I left the rest room and waited for him to leave so that I could get my keys from the stall. I met this cute stud in the hallway just after he left the rest room and said: “Hi Dave”. He looked happy and relieved after his orgasm. I went into the stall and found my keys and I noticed he did not clean up the cum that he shot on the wall and on the floor. You could smell his cum too. I cleaned his cum up off the floor and off of the wall. I was curious if it tasted sweet or not, so I tasted a wad of his cum... and it was really sweet and thick like candy. I then flushed it down the toilet. Whenever I see Dave, I always remember that day.

in the bunk for days! I jacked off all the next day on my way to Birmingham. All I wore was my jock strap and a hard on. Oh yeah, had my work boots on too! No better way to ride along in your truck than freshly fucked and damn near naked. I made it into Alabama that next day and pulled off at the Petro outside of town. I fueled, got a shower and something to eat. My load didn’t need to be at it’s delivery point until first thing in the morning. I figured I could see if I couldn’t get some more action. Just the thought of what happen the night before had my blood heating up, sperm wanting to get out and that well worn ass fucked again. I’m not much of a bottom type of guy, but, if the guy is hot and has energy, hell, I can bottom better than most. I had gotten side tracked with the shower and all and thought now would be a good time to do some laundry. No one was in the laundry room so I gathered my clothes up, sheets off the bed and headed back in the truck stop to take care of it. I hate like hell to fuck with laundry, but, might as well get it out of the fucking way. As I sat and waited a man and wife team came in and started a machine, he went to shower, she stayed with the clothes. A tall good looking black driver came in as well and waited on my machine, it was done first. We made some small talk while I unloaded the machine and filled the dryer. He started his laundry and set near me and we traded some trucker stories. I wanted so fucking bad to tell him of my pleasures the night before in the Mississippi rest areas, but, I can just imagine this guy going for that. My laundry was getting close to being dry when we got on the subject of whom all we had driven for. Hell, shit fire, we had both driven for CRST around the same time a few years back. That opened a whole new conversation. We chatted on and on when he had ask me about a guy, we both knew real well. The guy we both talked about and knew, just so happen to be a bottom guy that hit on every guy that had a hard on. Well, to cut to the chase, they use to team together. Wow, I thought. I got nerve enough to ask him, ‘did he do you?’ He replied, ‘we teamed for two years, we did each other all the time.’ I was done, he boldly ask me, ‘would you like some company this evening?’ I could see what looked like a fucking snake in his pants and automatically my ass hole started getting wet. ‘Sure, my truck or yours?’ I ask him. An hour later, I was inside his large car, 2002 Peterbilt, sucking on the largest fucking black dick I had ever seen. He had a huge cock. While I was choking I was thinking how ‘that’ was not going up my ass! As we got down in a sixty-nine position, he was licking my ass hole. Fuck! That felt so good, I never wanted it to stop! He was moderately hairy, his cock was every fucking bit of 12 long, huge inches. I’ve never had suck a pole in my mouth. He had two beautiful balls that were covered lightly with black kinky hair. It was wonderful. He sucked on my cock and licked and sucked my  ass hole so damn good. Wow! My juices were really moving, let me tell you. He spun me around and set me up where his cock was between my legs. I was so fucking horny for that big monster cock I could taste it. He greased up his long hard thick cock with lube, and he did the same to my now swollen hole. I got up on my knees and placed that big fucking head next to my hole. Hell, the head was so fucking huge I could put my little finger up the piss hole to my second knuckle. Fuck! My cock was rock hard and sticking straight out. My balls were tight, my heart was pounding and his cock was calling my ass hole’s name. It was that fucking wild! It took me 30 minutes to get just the head in. His cock head and shaft opened my fuck hole open enough to be fisted! I took a deep breath and sat down on that long schlong. I could feel that huge cock up inside of my colon. It took me some time but I worked and worked and finally slid my well opened ass all the way down on his cock. As I faced him, the bottom of my ball sack set on his thick, curly, kinky bush. He grabbed my waste and worked my hips up and down on his shaft. I rode that black pony for what it was worth. He was moaning and I was fucking having the fuck of my life. He pushed me back and I figured that’s when I was gonna be split in two! But he was ever so gentle as he slid that huge fucking pole in and out of my hot ass. He picked up speed and fucked faster. His large balls were slapping my back side. I quit jacking my cock so I could hold my legs wider and further back. I could cum, at this point, at any given notice. He kept fucking my hole and working his hips into mine. He pounded and pounded. He told me he was gonna cum up my fuck hole. I grabbed my cock and shot all over the both of us. He started cumming and what felt like a water hose, unleashed his hot cum deep within my bowels. Again, I had some more man juice up my fuck hole. He shot so much cum in me, when he pulled his huge cock out of my ass, it ran out like a drain. I had truly been fucked and fucked real good. After we lay there for a while, he ask if I were ready for another round, ‘hell no!’ I’ve been fucked enough the last two days to hold me a while, a long while. When you take a little time, you can get the best fucks you can find. So, take time truckers, stop and smell the, uh, smell the hot cum! Thanks, GTC! Hard Rider - Arkansas.

    I have been a coast to coast driver for 10 years now. I have driven just about every highway in the country and a few in Canada. I have had some wild times on the road and have met some hot mother fuckers. My favorite is meeting guys in rest areas. Most of the guys are married and want the taste of hot man sex. Hell, who doesn’t! Well, I had to send this story in, it may be too long, you can shorten it if you need to, but it was a wet, wild week headed out of LA to New Castle, Pa. I was so fucked down when I got there, I had to take a day off to recoup! It all started when I got a load of paper cups out of City of Industries, Ca. (Los Angeles area). I loaded on Friday and had to deliver on Wednesday, hell, had plenty of time to get there. I left out of California on I-15 headed to Vegas, I had to fuel in Barstow, so I grabbed a sandwich there with plans to stop in Vegas to play some slots. As I fueled in Barstow, I noticed a guy going from truck to truck either bumming a few bucks or looking for a ride. He had on some tight jeans, he looked a little on the ragged side, but outside that, it would be a challenge to see if I could get those jeans off. It was Friday after noon, and the truck stop was quite busy. Guess everyone wanted to get on the road for the weekend. I pulled the truck up from the fuel island and noticed the guy had snagged him a ride. Oh well, I thought, maybe later. I went in, paid for fuel and grabbed a subway sandwich, chips, and a drink. As I made my way back out to the truck the hitchhiker approached me for a ride. ‘What way you going trucker?’ He asked. ‘Well, I’m headed to Pennsylvania, but my next stop is in Vegas. How far you looking to go?’ I replied. ‘Well, I’m headed to Salt Lake City, but will take the ride to Vegas and catch another if you are willing to take me there.’ He said. ‘Hell, come on, I’d like the company any way. No problem.’ I told him. As he turned and grabbed his back pack, he bent over and there was a worn tear in the ass of his jeans. The guy had no underwear on (who does?) and had a sweet looking hairy ass. Maybe it was a cheap way to advertise, not sure, but I will damn sure find out! We got into the truck and I offered to share my sandwich with him. I was too excited to eat all of it, I had my hard cock on my mind and his hot ass. We shared the sandwich as we went on down the highway. We had about 150 miles or so before we got to Vegas, so, I had several hours to see if I could get a shot of this guy naked in my bunk. We made small talk as we went on down the road. He was coming up from San Diego to meet up with a buddy in Salt Lake. Well, we got on the subject about California girls, pussy, you know the straight bullshit, and I noticed his crotch area growing, and he kept shifting in his seat.  ‘I hadn’t shot a nut in a pretty good while,’ he confessed to me. ‘Well,’ I replied, ‘I gotta get off at least once a day. I’m horny all the time.’ He looked at me, ‘what, you jack off when you ain’t got a girl.’ He said. ‘Hell, my right hand and sometimes my left hand are the best lay I ever had.’ I said as I giggled a bit. He laughed at me and grew silent. ‘Maybe you can loan me one of your hands to get me off, huh?’ He said nervously. ‘Well, there is a pull off a few miles ahead, maybe we can get each other off, since it’s been a while for you.’ I ask him. ‘Hell, it’s been so long, I’m already hard!’ He said. I pulled the truck over in rest area before Vegas, he had already got into the bunk and shucked his pants. As I pulled the brakes and looked back into the bunk, he has there, naked, with a huge cock looking straight up. Wow! I thought. As I stood up and pulled my shorts down, I ask him, ‘damn, looks like you are ready for action?’ He leaned back on his elbows, his cock standing straight up, his balls hanging low. They were round, and full. Funny, his nuts were shaved and his bush was neatly trimmed. ‘Ever got off with a guy?’ I ask. He replied, ‘several times, it was hot, for a while I just did guys, my friend I’m meeting in Salt Lake claims to be BI, and we fool around when we meet up, no big deal with me, I just like getting off with other people.’ I ask him, ‘how far do you go? You know, you like to fuck a guy, get fucked?’ ‘Oh, you mean get fucked by a guy, I’ve done that on occasions, why? You looking for a hot hole?’ He said. My cock fell out of my shorts and stared him right in the face. He sat up, grabbed the base and deep throated it right then and there. I had precum dripping out the head already. Fuck, he could suck a rod, let me tell you. He was lightly hairy all over his chest and his legs were covered with dark black hair. His cock was beautiful, with a big head. He sucked on my cock for a little bit, I pushed him back and we got into the 69 position. This was wild. It was still daylight out, I left the curtains open, and we sucked on each other for a little while, when all of a sudden I could feel his cock swell and a thick salty jet of cum squirted out the big round head. Several huge squirts filled my mouth. I swallowed the huge load down my throat. It was such a turn on, I too, shot a big load of jism in his hot mouth. We sat up in the bunk and caught our breaths. His nice large cock didn’t even go soft, and the looks of that hairy ass, that I had my hot tongue on had my cock ready for a second round. He looked at me and ask if I wanted some ass, I didn’t say a word, we both spun around, I was between his legs, I pulled them back and saw that hot, tight, hairy hole look back at me. I had a pump bottle of lube handy, I got a palm full jacked on my rock hard cock and forced the head into his hole. His eyes got real large looking at me, ‘oh holy fuck, that hurts so fucking good!’ he moaned. It took a few minutes but I buried my cock all the way to the hilt in his hot hole. It had a manly grip on my shaft. I began to pump his ass slowly and worked up to a fast pump. He begged for more. He jacked on his hard cock and fast as I fucked his ass. The bunk of my truck was filling up with the smell of hot man sex. My balls were slapping against his back side. We fucked for what seemed like an hour, his hole was well worn, he gasp for air when all of a sudden his cock shot a huge stream of cum up towards his face. I was leaned over far enough for it to hit the bottom of my chin. I could feel the jism shooting up my shaft and deep into his bowels. As I kept pumping I kept shooting. I dumped a huge load of man juice in his ass. When I got done shooting, I clasped on top of him. We lay there breathing like we just ran a marathon. I pulled my half hard cock out of his ass and jism ran out right behind it. ‘Man, you sure know how to fuck!’ he said between breaths. ‘That’s a nice tight hole, great for fucking.’ I replied. We sat up and had a couple of sodas and talked about guys we had done. ‘Being on the road it’s easy to pick up guys,’ I told him. ‘Yeah, I’m one of those easy pick ups, I love riding with truckers, they are the best fucks!’ he confessed. We gathered our thoughts, and made our way into Vegas, I pulled into a large casino that had truck parking. I never got his name, he hopped out of the truck and said his thanks, and hoped to catch me again sometime, before I could tell him he could ride further, and we could play some more, he wondered on


through the parking lot of trucks. Humm, I thought to myself, what a great fuck, sorry to see him go. I had no luck at the casino, it took about three hours of playing nickel and quarter slots to loose my $20 worth of mad money. I took a nap in the truck and headed on out around 3 in the morning. I made it all the way to Grand Junction, Colorado before fueling. I pulled into the truck stop, fueled, got a shower, some breakfast and took a short break. Not bad for a 780 mile trip, one good blow job and a good fuck, wonder what else lies down the road. As I lay in the bunk, taking a short nap before heading towards Denver, I could hear some activity on the CB. So, I turned it up a little to entertain me. I kept hearing a clicking sound, you know, the kind like someone was cruising the radio for some Trucker Cock! I clicked back for fun, then I heard a low voice, ‘channel 33, go to channel 33, bj.’ So I turned the knob to channel 33. ‘You there?’ I heard the soft voice again. ‘Yeah, I’m here, what cha looking for?’ I replied. ‘A nice hard cock to suck on, you got one?’ the voice came back. Humm, I thought. I pulled my cock out of my shorts, the thought of another blow job make it stiffen up, somewhat. I keyed the mic, ‘yeah, I got a large stiff cock and full balls, you want to suck it? Where are you at?’

    I love to suck cock, Trucker Cock, Cruiser Cock, any cock. The bigger the better! Just jotting this letter down, thinking about cock makes mine hard and ready to shoot. I’ve been driving a truck and hustling cock over the CB for years. I’m in my late thirties and run coast to coast, suck coast to coast and fuck coast to coast. I love your magazine and would love to submit this story. As I lay in my bunk, I keep the CB up just loud enough to hear any cruisers or horny trucker looking for fast blow job or long hot fuck. The CB has been my ‘best’ tool for cruising other truckers and anyone who wants to play. The draw back is when I’m on a tight schedule and can’t stop to get sucked or suck. Most, not all guys that cruise me or I cruise, don’t like the reciprocation, but that’s cool with me, I have a healthy diet of hot man jism. On my way out of Barstow, California I hooked up with three trucks heading out east. I had a load of paper cups destination, Oklahoma City. 

slings, a large selection of gay and bi magazines, including the latest copy of the Gay Truckers Classifieds. As a matter of fact, you can ask the hottie behind the counter, yeah, the one with no pants on, for a complementary copy, tell him Tim & Scott sent you! You still have cold drinks, cigarettes, driver’s gloves, some with sequence, and many other items to help you make your trips on the road that much more pleasurable. Out in the hall between all of this is a tattoo parlor where you can also get ‘express piercings’. Just inside the door is Daddy Bear’s boot shine and of course a freaky Drag Queen’s barber shop. You can get a trim, bikini wax, highlights, and for you bald guys a polish job, all in one place. This diva can do a good job too!  As a matter of fact, if you’re a good boy, she’ll give you a tequila sucker when you’re done. Ok, so your shower is done, you’ve eaten a good meal and sucked off two waiters during desert. Or was that for desert? The drink in the bar was exceptional, you were still a little buzzed, but got over it while watching Hot Desert Knights ‘Hung Hotel’ in the theater when two cum sucking JB Hunt drivers took turns sucking your ass hole while a SWIFT driver sucked you off in record time. Yeah, and they say SWIFT drivers are slow! So you have your shower bag, and bag from the store, with a few goodies, and back out to the rig you go. As you walk through the door, several hustlers hit you up for a cigarette, maybe a light or even a few bucks. A younger seedy looking guy, kinda like a meth head, wants to give you a blow job for 20 bucks. You walk pass the pan handlers, although some do have potential, but there’s more than enough free stuff back inside. You get to your rig for some rest. The rig next to you is rocking like a bucking machine. You’re at a gay truck stop, who closes their curtains? At night! The lights are on in the rig, must be six naked guys in there. Two on the top bunk fucking like wild men, and four below in an all naked trucker orgy. You’re so fucking excited you find yourself stroking your cock. Of course, most, if not all, of the truck drivers at the gay truck stop are naked, or near naked. Some cruising each other, some laying in their bunk watching porn on their TVs. As you watch the action in the cab next to you, your cock swells to your amazement. Remember, you got off more than a few times back inside. As you stroke your stiff meat a cute heavier hairy bearish trucker walks by with a pair of tight jeans and boots on. No shirt, and I’m talking hairy! Eye to eye, in no time this bearish of a man is planting his seed right up your man hole. After he gets done plowing your back forty, he leaves your rig and you finally have exhausted all of your energy and fall fast to sleep. The morning comes early, you hate to leave, but your load, uh, the one in the trailer, has to get to it’s destination by dark, and you have a long way to go. You make your way back up to the truck stop for a cup of coffee to go. Yeah, they have a Star Bucs, so you order the triple shot latte with caramel and whip cream. Ok, it’s a lot of calories, but you’re going to pass it off as breakfast. As you make your way back out to the rig, you notice the parking lot is just about empty. With cigarette butts, popper bottles, used condoms and such scattered across the parking lot, it just goes to show you it was one hot fucking time at the gay truck stop the night before. As you climb back into the rig, the guys in the rig beside you, remember, the one with the orgy? They’re just now getting up. Six naked truckers climbing out of the big rig, stretching, scratching their balls, wiping their cum filled ass’s and kinda cleaning up, outside in the fresh air. ‘Fuck!’ You think, ‘if I had just a few more hours to kill!’ As the one driver lifts up the top bunk and takes down his sling, it’s time for all good things to come to an end. You know, like check out time at the Parliament Resort in Augusta, Georgia! You just hate to fucking leave! As you drive by the fuel island, the hot studs washing down the driveway in their jock straps give you a wave as to tell you, ‘we’ll see you next trip.’ As you get back out on the highway, sipping your latte, it’s hard to believe, but the thoughts of the night before has your cock stirring in your pants, once again. So there you have it, IF there were such thing as a Gay Truck Stop, that’s how we figured it would be. Of course, the waiting list for employment would be long, as a matter of fact, I’d almost bet there would be a group of ‘volunteers’ to help out at the gay truck stop. So as we travel, coast to coast, if we do ever come across such a place as a gay truck stop, we’ll surely let you know all about it! -gtc.


***Have a 'real' Truck Cruising Story to share? Send it to me, I'll be happy to post it here. Be responsible for hundreds of orgasms with your raunchy story........ Tim.

Roommate Fantasy
    I noticed my roommates door was open and went in to their room. The 2 guys in this room are both jocks. Tall, lean hard bodies. I’m really horny and I hear 1 of the guys in the shower. I decide to hide in his closet so I can look out the slats in the door when he gets out of the shower and jerk off while he dresses. He comes into the room just as I hide in his closet. I pull out my cock and start stroking it as I look at him through the
openings in the closet door. Eric has a really hot body. He’s blond, blue-eyed, his legs are lean and hairy, his pubic hair is very dark almost black. His bubble butt is so perfect I almost come when he turns and bends
over. There is a noise at the door and Eric’s roommate John comes in. John is wearing a T-shirt, jeans, and white tennis shoes. They talk for a minute as Eric finishes dressing. I hadn’t counted on John showing up and I hope I don’t get caught in the closet. Eric leaves for his job and John lays down on his bed reading a magazine. Soon John starts rubbing his crotch and I can see a mound developing in his jeans. He gets up and closes and locks the room door. John strips off his clothes. He’s got that classic All-American boy next door good looks with brown hair and blue eyes. His cock is at least 8 hard inches. He’s tall with a tight muscular body. He’s slowly stroking his hard cock. Now he goes over to a pile of Eric’s dirty clothes and gets one of Eric’s wool socks and a pair of his white briefs. He lays on Eric’s bed and puts the sock over his hard cock and rubs the briefs on his face as he slowly starts stroking. I’m hard again as I also start stroking waiting to see what happens next. John next puts Eric’s pillow down near the foot of the bed. He lightly strokes the pillow with one hand as he continues stroking his cock with the other. He’s talking as if Eric is there on the bed saying “Eric does this feel good? and “You want me to make love to you all night long Eric?”. He leans over and kisses the pillow. “I’m going to fuck your tight ass Eric.” John arranges Eric’s briefs on the bed about where Eric’s ass would be and lies on the bed as if he were lying on top of Eric. “Does that feel good Eric” John says. “Feel my hard cock against your tight ass”. John hugs the pillow and smothers it with kisses. John starts slowly humping the bed rubbing his cock with the sock on it against the briefs on the bed. John is grinding his hips all around on the bed and gyrates as he pumps the bed. I can see his face as he fucks his jock buddy in his mind. There is such a look of ecstasy on John’s face as he fuck’s the bed like there’s no tomorrow. He keeps talking saying “Oh God your ass is so tight and maybe thrusting really hard and saying “I’ll ram it in all the way up to my balls”. He goes faster and faster until he lets out a cry and he cums in Eric’s sock. The look on his face is incredible and my cum shoots all over the place. John lays on the bed with his arms around Eric’s pillow. He removes the sock from his cock, turns it inside out and rubs his cum all over his chest. He straightens the bed up and puts the dirty clothes back on the pile, grabs his towel and goes to take a shower. I seize my opportunity and escape the closet.

    We’ve been ask more times than once if there’s any real ‘Gay Truck Stops’ out there. If you like the answer or not, there are no ‘gay’ truck stops, however, we did know of a gay couple that owned a truck stop once. In the past, someone mentioned that the Petro Truck Stops were gay friendly, but then again, why is your sexuality an issue when buying fuel? As long as you have the green to spend, we’d suggest they’re all fucking gay friendly. We put some thought in the idea of a gay truck stop and this is what we think it would be like. Like most big truck stops, it would be located at an easy on, easy off exit, most likely exit 69 off the Hershey  Highway. The neon sign at night would be in the rainbow colors of course. The fuel islands would have attendants full time, helping truckers fuel their trucks. Oh yeah, during the spring and summer time, these studs would wear jock straps, some with colored thongs, and if the fuel island backs up, some drivers may need a little more attention than just getting their windows washed, or tires bumped. So you get your truck fueled and decide to go in the truck stop and shower, eat and do some shopping. Well come on, it’s a gay truck stop, and you can damn well bet the two old queens that own the place have it ‘first class.’ The showers would be so fucking crowded, not with just dirty truckers, but dirty cruisers looking to help the dirty truckers get cleaned up. No individual shower rooms here, no sir! It’s a large community shower room, wall to wall Roman Tile with a large steam room in the back. The rest rooms, next to the showers and on the other end of the truck stop off the restaurant, have mandatory glory holes. You’ll be lucky to take a shit after dark in this place. Back to the showers. Young college guys hand out hot fresh towels, after you’re done of course, condoms are free for those that play safe, lube is just an arms reach in handy lube dispensers hanging off the wall. You finally get all fucked down, er, cleaned up in the showers and decide to move along to the restaurant to fill your pallet and regain your strength from that three hour shower fuck and suckfest. From fast food to fine dining, the gay truck stop has it. On the run? Set in the drivers section, two hot cooks and male waiters to please your every need when it comes to getting in, getting off, er, full, and out back on the road. If you have plenty of time and would like to relax, the gay truck stop restaurant is the place to be. Dim lights, waiters in leather jock straps and skimpy vest with leather ankle high boots. You get the picture. The menu looks damn near like a phone book it’s so fucking thick, with every thing from hot dogs to t-bone steak and the desert menu includes an ‘under the table’ blow job to top things off. Of course, what would a gay truck stop be without a bar? However there are a couple of rules. To be able to drink, you have to leave your license and log book at the door, safety first you know. Nude dancers grace the bar. While you enjoy the drink of your choice, precum sprinkles the bar from the waving cocks of the dancers. Of course, what would the gay truckers lounge be like without an arcade? The truckers theater would be showing continuous Hot Desert Knight total bareback action movies, the hottest on the market, of course. Behind the big screen would be, you guessed it, video booths! No coins or tokens needed, if you’re a trucker, cruisers, sorry, you have a $5 entrance fee. Oh yeah, all the popcorn you can eat while in the main theater. Be careful though, the trucker cum flows deep in the isles, don’t slip and fall! The damp smell of man sex, cigarette smoke (oh yeah, the gay truck stop is one of the last places you can still smoke inside!) and poppers, man, makes your cock hard just thinking about it, doesn’t it? Over in the gay truckers convenience store, you have just about every thing you need for the road. Walls of new Jeff Stryker dildos for those lonely nights on the road, actually, many sizes to choose from besides Jeffrey’s, fresh supplies of poppers, condoms, lubes,


Running the Horny Roads

    It seems like I could never find a good cock to suck or hot ass to fuck running up and down the roads. I found myself looking, but not stopping because when you have a load of freight on, all you want to do is get the fucker off and get another one loaded and go on down the road! A driver, like myself, doesn’t make any money setting around a truck stop waiting on a load, but, the draw back is, my big saggy nuts get full and need some relief, and not just by my hand. A couple of years back, I’ve always read in the GTC about the hot and horny guys at the rest area pull off in Mississippi up and down I-59. Well, one day, I got loaded out of San Antonio and was headed to Birmingham, Alabama. Well, I had an extra day to get there because the load needed a crew to unload and install what ever it was I was hauling. No problem, this would be a good time to force me to fuck off, finally!! I took an extra long nap outside of Houston, got through that cluster fuck before rush hour, which starts at 2 PM!, and headed on out. I was in the first Mississippi north bound pull off, which is just past Hattiesburg, just after dark. Man oh man. If I had really given it some thought before, I would never leave Mississippi! I pulled in and parked where the cars park, to the far right. The truck side was packed. Guess those drivers too, got the word of all the action. As I pulled in four different car tail lights blinked. You thought the fuckers were fire flies. I pulled in, parked, and just had my trailer clearance lights on. I got a soda out of my fridge and sat and watched. It was a full moon, so, it was almost like a dark day, not quiet jet black. As I sat, it was a good 20 minutes or so before some stirring around occurred. I saw a couple of guys standing around up in front of me, one had lit a cigarette. Another guy, in his car, kept tapping his break lights. About the time I went to take a swallow out of my soda a guy tapped on my door. It scared the fuck out of me. I looked over out the driver’s window and there stood a hot looking, drunk, coonass from Louisiana. Hot little guy. I rolled my window down and he ask if I had the time. Well, that’s an old pick up line, so I went for it. I was horny, my balls were full and I wanted to shoot them up a hot ass! I told him, ‘I got all the time in the world, what about you?’ He looked at me, grabbed his crotch and said back, ‘just the guy I’m looking for.’ He got in on the passenger side, we made some small talk, he had a full tall can of beer with him an shared it with me. I’m not going to drive anywhere until daylight, so what the fuck! We shared his beer and before I knew it he had his hand in my shorts. My throbbing cock was about to shoot right then and there. He ask me, ‘do you like to fuck ass?’ ‘Hell yes I do, you want yours fucked?’ I ask back. ‘Yep,’ he replied. We slipped off into the bunk. He had his clothes off before I could stand up! He had one hot hairy body. His ass was  hairy, his cock had a full bush on top and had huge shaved balls. His dick was around 7 inches long, but had a huge head on it, like a mushroom. I was already dripping with cum. I pulled my shorts down and he went down on my cock. I couldn’t help myself, I shot right away down his throat. He put a suck on my cock head, I could feel cum being sucked right out of my balls. I was so fucking horny and turned on, I never went soft. Damn he was a good cock sucker. He had a hot hole and it needed to be fucked. He spit on my cock and I spit on his ready hole. I teased his hole by just poking my cock head in and pulling it out. Finally, I gave it one hard push and in it went. He through his head back and took a deep gasp! I pushed my very hard cock to the hilt! His eyes were closed and mouth was open giving out some moans. We had my tractor rocking, let me tell you. The engine was idle, and the cab was shaking, rocking and rattle and rolling! Damn we were fucking like snakes in heat. He pulled his legs back and opened wide. I fucked him as hard as I could. I felt my second cum coming on. My balls sucked up and my cock head was swelling. In the heat of passion, I ask him if I could drop my man juice in him. He gasp, ‘hell yes! Dump as much in me as you can!’ And I did. I came so fucking much I didn’t think I was going to stop! I unloaded what felt like three days of backed up jism. He was pounding on his cock fast and hard. He started to cum I leaned my head over and caught half of his wad in my mouth. The sweet taste of man juice was great! The rest hit my fore head and his chest. We were but naked, breathing like we ran a marathon, and the curtains between the cab and bunk were wide open. The only light shining in was of the moon. Several guys stood around in front of my truck, I guess watching the mother fucker rock! We took our time gathering our selves together. We split a soda and made some small talk. He ask me if I could squirt out another load. “Hell yeah! I could! Could he take another load?” “Well,” he explained, “I see one of my fuck buddies out there by his pickup, he has an eight inch cock and huge balls, and we have had a three way several times here at this parking area with truckers, you game?” I told him, “fuck yeah! The more the merrier.” He got in the front seat, rolled the window down and whistled to his buddy. The guy looked a little scruffy, but was a real nice guy. Not bad at all. He got into the cab, both of us were still naked. What he could see in the dark, he shucked his clothes too. Yep, eight inches and hard as a fucking rock. Balls to match. Wow! We all three sat in the bunk, talking, feeling each other off. Not only did my cock stiffen back up, round three, but I had a hell of an urge to get that cock up my ass. I pulled out my bottle of lube and slicked his hard dripping cock up. He laid back and I eased my hot tight hole down on his fuck pole. It took some time but it worked it’s way right up my fuck tunnel. Damn! That cock was huge. As I write this story, I can almost feel that stiff member up my ass now. It was one to remember. I rode up and down as he held my waist line. My cock was flapping on his tight stomach. He was lightly hairy all over his chest, tough looking in the face, but had a great body. The other guy I picked up stood up over the both of us and slid his now hard cock in my mouth. It’s been a long fucking time since I had two cocks in my holes. I bounced up and down on that shaft, sucked on the cock in my mouth and jacked on mine. It was a sweaty site to see. The guy on his back set up and pushed me back, he wanted to do some ass banging work my hole. With my legs up and back, he on his knees, slammed that cock up into my gut. He banged on me for 15 minutes or so and shot his sperm up in me. It was fucking wild, as I jacked on my cock, he pulled out and my first fuck got between my legs and took over. He pounded my ass too. I could feel the cum from the last guy ooze out of my hole while I was getting fucked again. It didn’t take long he started to cum and I came with him as well. I shot my third load all over the both of us. He came and then got down and licked the thick cum off my chest and belly. I was fucking spent! That’s the first three way I have had in a long, long time. It was great. The cum smell and fuck smell lingered