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March 30th, hope all you naked horny fuckers have a good Easter, please be safe when you travel, eat lots of candy, get hyper and horny, find a play mate on the way home from Granny's house...... with that in mind, check out my All New 'Gay Truckers Blog' I'll be posting as much as I can when I can, I'm going to make it user friendly, so you too, can post your ads...... until then I'll feature an ad each week, (send yours to me NOW!) and I'll be sharing my road stories and great safe cruising tips so you can hook up with those hot manly truckers passing through. I'll also let you know where I'm running and spending my naked nights, go check out this site NOW, sign up, it's free, keep in the circle jerk I'm fixing to start, be safe, Tim -gtc

Hope you're getting action Hookers! I've been updating the GayTruckersBlog daily, go, go check it out, I'm also putting the latest Horn-Dog Personal Ads there too, I'll get them on this site as well, when time allows. IF you want to place an ad, now is a good time to send the fucker to me, photos too, don't be shy, you're not shy in a book store, bath house or sleeper of a rig, why here? You're mom isn't cruising this site is she? Hmmm, guess the bitch does have taste. So, if you want to put that ass out there, SEND ME YOUR AD! I'll do the rest. Good luck cock suckers, stay tuned, I'm changing this shit up daily.... drop a line and say hi too!

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